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New strong branding of the WIKOTOOL GROUP

Since October 2021, the WIKOTOOL GROUP has been operating on the market with a new external image. The new group logo with the slogan "Beyond High Performance", an impressive corporate video and the state-of-the-art group website are all intended to clearly demonstrate the size, capabilities and international competence of the WIKOTOOL GROUP, with particular emphasis on the close cooperation within the group of companies.

11 strong companies – 2 business areas – 1 group

The WIKOTOOL GROUP consists of 11 companies in 8 locations. This also includes 3 companies based abroad in France, Poland and Russia. The business areas of the group include the production of commercial kitchen and baking technology as well as metal and tool construction for industry.

Commercial kitchen and baking technology business area Location
ascobloc Gastro-Gerätebau GmbH   Dresden
DEBAG Deutsche Backofenbau GmbH Bautzen & Königsbrück
alexandersolia GmbH   Remscheid
PRO ASCOBLOC Sp. z o.o.                                                   Syców (Polen)
ascobloc-DEBAG France SAS                                             Metz (Frankreich)
OOO ascobloc-DEBAG RUS                                                  Moskau (Russland)


Metal and tool construction for industry business area Location
LFT Metall GmbH     Dresden                           
WEBACO Werkzeugbau GmbH   Dresden
Albert Vogelsang GmbH & Co. KG  Marienheide
Voß Metallbearbeitung GmbH   Remscheid
Königsbrücker Ausbildungsstätte gGmbH   Königsbrück

Customers benefit from the synergies of the Group

The new branding of the WIKOTOOL GROUP marks the beginning of a new era in which the competences of the various operating companies and the close cooperation within the group of companies are communicated more strongly to external audiences.

One of many advantages from which customers also benefit is the use of a common ERP system within the Group. This allows the resources of the individual companies to be optimally coordinated and business processes to be optimised. Further benefits are the comprehensive expertise, large production capacities and the wide range of state-of-the-art production technology within the group of companies.

New slogan underlines the commitment to top performance

The new slogan of the WIKOTOOL GROUP, "Beyond High Performance", is intended to convey to external audiences the idea of its pooled expertise from 11 companies. “With the combined expertise of the individual companies, state-of-the-art technology and more than 100 years of experience, we offer top performance to our customers – and sometimes we even go one step further”, said Johannes Wilhelm, shareholder of the WIKOTOOL GROUP, explaining the meaning of the new slogan.

With more than 800 employees and an annual turnover of more than 100 million euros, the WIKOTOOL GROUP is one of the leading suppliers worldwide in the market for manufacturers of commercial kitchen and baking technology.

“The magnitude of this was previously completely invisible to most of our customers. That’s why we decided to make the collective approach, which we already follow internally, also significantly more visible externally – with our new strong branding of the WIKOTOOL GROUP”, explained Wilhelm.

New M 6 machine cabinets version!

This year also sees the introduction of a practical addition to the M 6 multi-purpose food processor. A new machine cabinets version of the machine is now available.

The retractable digital control panel, which can conveniently be operated from above, makes the machine a perfect fit for everyday use. To use the machine, the retractable mechanism - which includes a safety off - is pulled forward and disappears compactly inside the machine cabinets when not in use. An optional worktop and adjustable feet also make it easy to integrate the machine cabinets version into an existing kitchen unit.
The machine cabinets version is compatible with all standard M 6 attachments. A removable tray for Gastronorm containers comes as standard. It also features the tried-and-tested EASY-click system on the base of the tray, which firmly secures the stirring bowl to the base. It is therefore impossible for the mixing bowl to slip or fall down, and the bowl remains in place during the mixing process.

The machine cabinets version is equipped with a CEE plug and a 3 m connection cable as standard. Optional add-ons such as a cover plate either with or without a partition, as well as various unit feet and castors are also available.

Innovations M 50 – accessories and improvements

The M 50 multi-purpose kitchen machine will again be upgraded in 2022 in order to improve workflow.
During the second half of 2021 we already released two new attachments for the machine.
The new universal attachment (150 061 300), which combines a total of three different previous models in one - making it suitable for all cylinder technology - and the new two-chamber attachment (150 055 000). Both attachments meet current EU safety standards and are extremely easy to clean hygienically.
In addition to the new attachments available now, we are also adding a new electric trolley with adjustable height. With a view to the increasing market requirements, ergonomic working and moving of the machine is easily possible. The four locking wheels are extremely smooth and allow flexible yet stable use in industrial kitchens.
Intuitive operation allows the machine to be raised and lowered without the need for an additional power source. The existing technology of the M 50 base machine also provides power for the trolley.
The curved shape of the trolley matches the existing design of the M 50 multi-purpose food processor for a harmonious overall look.
The included extendable board is part of the trolley and does not need to be purchased separately. The extendable board offers additional space for storing standard GN containers.


Our M 6 is award winning. We've known that for a long time, but now it's official.

Our jack-of-all-trades was able to score points in the category "Other kitchen technology" and was awarded "bronze".

You can find all the other details and placings in the current issue of "Cooking + Catering Inside".

BIM – ensures transparent and efficient planning with intelligent 3D-based data

Relevant information on assembly and use - such as information on connections and materials - is attached to a model in digital form. Errors and planning conflicts can thus be detected more quickly and rectified even before the construction phase. This saves time and money in the long run.

Available immediately for the following machines:

    "Cutty" G 5.1 vegetable cutter
    M 6 multi-purpose kitchen machine
    M 50 multi-purpose kitchen machine
    SWA 60.2 salad and vegetable washing machine/centrifuge
    SWA 75.2 salad and vegetable washing machine/centrifuge

Call us or send us an e-mail, we will be happy to send you the data.

Phone: +49-2191-95131-0 I


The new M 6 - a real jack-of-all-trades among multi-purpose kitchen machines.

With up to 7 different application options, the new M 6 integrates perfectly into the work processes within the kitchen.

This versatility makes it a real helper for almost every work step.

Find all information about the M 6 here

A new design, the highest standards of quality and functionality fulfilled.

But what has actually changed?

Something has changed in optics:

  • Closed housing – Protection class IP 65
  • Redevelopment machine CII

Nothing has changed in the performance.

In function and application there are some new things:

  • Stirring bowl - EASY FIX System
  • Energy-saving through on/off switch
  • New machine protection switch according to EU-safety standard
  • Simplified operation thanks to NEW user-friendly control

Everything stays as usual in the accessories area:
The complete range of accessories from the predecessor model M30 was taken.

Find all information about the M 50 here

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