International offices

Close to our customers

Our kitchen appliances are all manufactured exclusively within Germany and are distributed both nationally and internationally. With offices of our company group in France, Poland and Russia, and a widespread network of international distribution and service partners, we competently attend to the needs of our customers abroad.

13, rue de Champagne
F - 57070 Metz
Phone: +33 (0)387 375035


Pro Ascobloc Sp. z o.o.
ul. Szarych Szeregów 22
56-500 Syców , Polska
Telefon: +48 (0)62 785 47 10



OOO "Ascobloc Debag Rus"
115432 Moscow, prospekt Andropova 18, k. 6

Business center “German Centre”
Telefon: +7 (495) 777 26 77


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